Life After NaNo

So many wonderful things came out of November this year!

My second novel, which I loving call Hot Mess #2, is done! Well… okay the plot is complete. I’ll probably spend months on rewrites and additions.

Weekly write-ins that I facilitated at a local writing center are now going year-round. They’re starting up again in January. That’s going to be fantastic for my accountability.

Finishing Hot Mess #2 (which is a sequel to Hot Mess #1) helped me flesh out the story so much more. November is for writing and December is for editing, so I have some work to do with Hot Mess #1. But knowing what needs to be done is the hardest part!

So, I’m a goal-setter. Let’s talk goals.

Say goodbye to Hot Mess #2 for a month, and edit Hot Mess #1 implementing the feedback I’ve gotten from workshops and the insights from writing this month.


Start to revise Hot Mess #2 (after I get HM#1 in a good place) and on my brand new Thursday write ins, start on Hot Mess #3.

Start to shop for HM#1. I’m going to take this slow. Now that I’ve had a rejection, I decided I’m going to look for an agent or editor one at a time.

I feel good about it! I hope to have at least drafts of all three by August 1, when grad school begins.

I have about a billion other goals that involve getting out of debt, running a marathon, and the podcast, but that’s for another blog.

What are your post-NaNo writing goals?

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