Life After NaNo

So many wonderful things came out of November this year!

My second novel, which I loving call Hot Mess #2, is done! Well… okay the plot is complete. I’ll probably spend months on rewrites and additions.

Weekly write-ins that I facilitated at a local writing center are now going year-round. They’re starting up again in January. That’s going to be fantastic for my accountability.

Finishing Hot Mess #2 (which is a sequel to Hot Mess #1) helped me flesh out the story so much more. November is for writing and December is for editing, so I have some work to do with Hot Mess #1. But knowing what needs to be done is the hardest part!

So, I’m a goal-setter. Let’s talk goals.

Say goodbye to Hot Mess #2 for a month, and edit Hot Mess #1 implementing the feedback I’ve gotten from workshops and the insights from writing this month.


Start to revise Hot Mess #2 (after I get HM#1 in a good place) and on my brand new Thursday write ins, start on Hot Mess #3.

Start to shop for HM#1. I’m going to take this slow. Now that I’ve had a rejection, I decided I’m going to look for an agent or editor one at a time.

I feel good about it! I hope to have at least drafts of all three by August 1, when grad school begins.

I have about a billion other goals that involve getting out of debt, running a marathon, and the podcast, but that’s for another blog.

What are your post-NaNo writing goals?

One thought on “Life After NaNo

  1. I didn’t quite hit my 50K in November so my 1st goal is to finish those last 10k words to reach the mark. But apparently even 40k hasn’t even covered the whole story so I’m going to keep typing away at my 1st draft. I’m glad to hear Hot Mess 1 and 2 are making progress. 🙂


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