About the Author

Sarah Hill
Usually this smiley, rarely this photogenic

Sarah Darrow is writing YA contemporary novels.

At first, she was so far ahead of herself that she was deciding who would star in the inevitable blockbuster movie based on her books, but eventually she decided she just loved writing and has decided to keep doing that.

She’s still trying to figure out how the writing thing works, though, and knows very little about the following:

  • Agents
  • Publishers
  • Editors
  • Who to cast in the inevitable blockbuster based on her books

She is open to advice from people wiser than her (so, everyone) and is not afraid of getting her work chewed up, spit out, and completely shredded. She was a journalist for ten years. She’s got a thick skin.

Sarah also knows a lot about marketing, particularly social media, being perky, and sticking her foot in her mouth. She serves on several nonprofit boards and loves her job at Old Dominion University.

She’s writing this blog to connect with other writers, share her woes, and learn a thing or two.

Sarah lives in Norfolk, Virginia with two cats (one nice and one mean,) one dog (nice,) and one husband (nice, although don’t tell him I said that.)