Despite literally doing social media for a living, I am missing out on an entire writing community on Twitter. I tend to tweet and provide social media for brands and spend little to no time on my own social media. That means my personal branding is limping along.

At the urging of a friend, I decided to start poking around for Twitter to connect with publishers and agents, maybe find some contests, or even just a bit of moral support.

Whoa. I found all that and more. A quick google search found me a stream of hashtags that covered everything I needed to know or could have asked for.

There are about a billion out there, but I found this one, this one and this one to be particularly helpful. Don’t worry, I’ll share my list of hashtags below.

Then I ran into the problem with tracking. Searching for hashtags individually on Twitter is a pain. I use Hootsuite for other projects but it wasn’t particularly user friendly for this endeavor. I found my answer in Tweetdeck. I could list my hashtags out, seperated by “OR” and create a search stream that updates quicker than the NASDAQ ticker.

I’ve done relatively little engaging so far, but wow what a world I hadn’t set foot in before. Active, engaged writers! Support! Collaboration! Encouragement! Tips and suggestions from agents and publishers! It was a dream come true.

If you haven’t already, look into the writing community on twitter. It’s truly amazing, and you never know where the next big idea or great connection is going to come from.


As promised, here’s my list of hashtags:

#amwriting #amediting #writerwednesday #writerslife #YALitChat #LitChat #BookMarket #GetPublished #Publishing #BookMarket #AskEditor #AskAuthor #PubTip #BookMarketing #mswl #WritingTip #WriteTip #bookbuzz #AskAgent #PitMad #PitchMas

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