NaNoWriMo’s Eve

First of all- Happy Halloween!

Baby, being a firework requires a lot of eye make up

This is me. I’m Katy Perry. My current struggle is how to wear glasses to alleviate this eyestrain headache without causing another headache created by my wig smushing the glasses further into my head.

My other current problems include wigs and petticoats and glitter eyeliner.

Tomorrow is November 1st. I will no longer be fighting long blue wigs and candy-themed dresses. Instead, I will be writing my little heart out.

Along with my nanowrimo 50k word goal, I also have set a couple other goals: log everything I eat and #NoSpendNovember.

It sounds nuts to set these three crazy goals at once, but I tend to work in three-goal sets. Plus the mindset that lends itself to the kind of focus I’ll be challenging for NaNoWriMo will help set me up for success with the other two.

In November, I’ll be keeping very regimented days and task lists. My poor little notebooks will be full of lists, check boxes, and underlines. I’m excited about it! The only thing I love more than Halloween is being organized. Actually, I think I like being organized more. I don’t have to wear glittery tights to be organized.

Last week I posted about Tools of the Trade for NaNoWriMo. Click here if you’re interested! If you’re starting tomorrow, good luck!

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