Back to Morning Pages

Today my alarm went off at 5 a.m.

I put my feet on the floor before I could talk myself out of it, shoved them into puffy slippers, and shuffled into the bathroom.

I fed the cat, let the dog out, got myself a glass of water and sat down to edit.

I opened Scrivener and the Hemingway app then started editing.

This will be my morning for the next week, until November 1st when my task will switch from editing my first novel to completing my second.

I attempted to complete my final round of editing Novel #1 in October but due to a lot of personal crap I do not think I’ll make it. November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and my goal is to complete the second manuscript in all its messy glory. I have about 20k words, I’m shooting for another 40k. Standard NaNoWriMo goals dictate a novel of 50k words from start to finish so I’m fudging the exact rules a little, but for my purposes that’s okay. Then I think I’m going to go back to Novel #1 and have that draft printed off for my mom and a second read-through for my first reader, my handsome fiancee.

There’s something nice about morning pages. The house is quiet and will soon be cold. Although this morning dictated ice water, usually there’s a cup of tea near by and a candle burning. I never feel the need to turn on music like I do when writing at other times of the day. The space heater serves as white noise, and my office becomes a cozy little cocoon. A cat usually drapes himself over my arm, jostling whenever I type, and the dog moves from her dog bed in the bedroom to her dog bed in the office. My window overlooks the river, and by the time I have to stop writing and start getting ready the sky is just starting to turn pink with the sunrise.

I cherish my morning routine. I temporarily disabled it so that I could walk the dog in the morning, but it’ll soon be too cold for that.

What’s your morning routine? Will your days change for NaNoWriMo? Leave me a comment!

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